“I love you. Forever”: the bride of “Da Vinci” touched the network with frank confessions and photos

The girl published a whole album of joint photos with her lover.


The bride of the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Kotsyubail “Da Vinci” Alina Mikhailova shared a touching post about him and her pain in connection with the loss, and also published a whole album of joint photos with her lover.

“If what I write had any meaning. If only I could imagine in my life that this would happen to us. So I would not be able to accept it, in fact, as now. I just can’t. And I don’t accept,” the girl admitted, starting her confession.

Alina told how she and Dmitry sometimes quarreled and made big plans together:

“These are crazy, interesting, happy, complex, filled with bright moments of 6 years of a truly amazing life during / at war. With emotions and sensations that people sometimes do not live through their entire married life of 20-30-40 years. With quarrels and shouting, and with travels, long conversations about our big plans, the phrases “You are the only one in the battalion who does not obey my orders!!”, “Transfer wherever you want!” and the phrases “The main thing for us is to survive this war, and we will continue to live with you okay, let’s just hang on.”

According to the girl, Dmitry always left at home or sent her notes with the inscriptions “Be strong”:

“And I’m staying. And I will be. Strong. I’ve already made it so that you can say there: “Zai, fuck it, well, you could do it!”. I write you daily reports to the phone about my day spent, in the reports – how much since I was at your grave, and whom I saw today from our friends and acquaintances there. I remain, despite a certain rage against you, strong. Although every damned stupid day in the evening at our house I shatter to smithereens. And every morning I again I’m going to. For you and so that you won’t be ashamed of me. So that I won’t cause pity in anyone. So that you won’t be mistaken that I’m your strong Alina. “we” forever remained on Askold’s grave.

Alina also admitted that for Da Vinci, his whole life was at war:

“There it ended. And from this war I could not pick him up. Despite this, I was lucky to become a support for him, support, sometimes a terrible hassle, but also a great crazy love, which I never doubted. For me, great pride to know this great man is really better than anyone in this world. Not only as the commander of the Da Vinci. But also as that same Dima of mine.”

“I love you. Forever. Only now I understand how much I miss you. Only now I howl that same wolf every day more and more due to the lack of your constant, just constant calls and SMS. Fuck. I never I will believe and will not accept that we will not meet again,” she added.

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