Proscenic T22 – a fryer that fries with… air

The Proscenic T22 air fryer cooks healthy, without frying with fat

Frying is known to not be the healthiest way to prepare food. But if you can’t do without crispy potatoes, fried chicken and other temptations, there is an interesting alternative – a deep fryer that fries… with air.

The compact household appliance Proscenic T22 Smart Electric Air Fryer can prepare a wide variety of delicious foods in a health-friendly way. This smart fryer is available now for only €86.55 with discount coupon GKB23WD at Geekbuying global online store.

The traditional fryer vs the Proscenic T22 – the difference is obvious

The Proscenic T22 cooks your food by circulating hot air around it. This means you don’t need to drench food in gallons of cooking oil to achieve a fantastic result. You will eat much healthier, especially if you are overweight.

The innovative Proscenic T22 comes with an air fryer and removable grease tray, as well as a recipe book. The fryer itself is completely black, and the plastic chassis with a high gloss, which gives it a stylish look. It measures 36.1×27.1×30.6 cm and weighs 5.7 kg. The power cord is 1 meter long, so you should place the unit near an electrical outlet on the kitchen counter.

The Proscenic T22 cooks delicious chicken by circulating hot air around it

At its top, the T22 has a touch panel for convenient management of cooking operations through several controls, including pre-programmed functions, temperature adjustment, time setting, heat button, start/pause cooking and power button. On the back of the T22 there are vents that expel the steam generated during cooking.

Operating the Proscenic T22 doesn’t require much effort, especially given the pre-programmed cooking functions that ensure your food will be cooked at the optimal temperature and for the right amount of time. The volume of the fryer is 5 liters – enough to cook food for a family of four.

You can control the Proscenic T22 from the control panel or with a mobile app

Of course, you can program the unit yourself for optimal cooking times and temperatures, according to your taste, as well as execute your own recipes, instead of relying only on those in the fryer’s manual.

Proscenic T22 is a smart home appliance. With the Proscenic Home app for Android and iOS devices, you can connect the fryer to your smartphone or tablet to manage the cooking process more easily and conveniently – for example, turn on the T22 when you get home from work and have a hot meal when you walk in at home. The app offers all the functions available on the control panel at the top of the fryer.

The Proscenic-T22 includes pre-programmed functions for cooking different dishes

What’s more, you can connect the fryer to a voice assistant and simply tell it to cook your fries or other culinary delight. Here’s how: “Alexa, cook fries” or “OK ​​Google, cook chicken.” In short, the T22 is incredibly easy to operate and convenient, thanks to the mobile app and voice control.

The most important thing, of course, is that the food is delicious. The Proscenic T22 meets this basic requirement, and its big advantage over classic fryers is that air frying is significantly healthier. A delicious chicken or pork steak takes about 20 minutes to cook. The result is perfectly crispy chicken or juicy steak.

Proscenic-T22 cooks not only fast, easy and healthy, but also tasty

There are many other culinary masterpieces that the T22 Air Fryer can cook. If you are a fan of fried food, this smart device is a significantly healthier option for cooking than classic deep fryers, and it is also quite productive.

You can order the air fryer here: Proscenic T22 Smart Electric Air Fryer – priced at €86.55 with discount coupon GKB23WD on the global online store Geekbuying, which ships the unit for free from a European warehouse within a few working days.

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