An online glazing tool makes it easy for professionals

An online configurator finds the right glass for every architectural project
(photo: Saint-Gobain Glass)

A new online tool useful for construction professionals, pis provided completely free of charge by the developer. This is the glazing configurator Calumen of the company Saint-Gobain Glass – a European manufacturer with over 350 years of history.

The configurator is part of the Calumen Suite of digital services and is the company’s first innovative online tool that will be used completely free of charge. Calumen completely replaces CalumenLive.

“The tool allows the calculation of efficiency for a large number of combinations of Saint-Gobain Glass products for single panes and double or triple glazing”, explained Claudia Dragulescu, Marketing Director of Saint-Gobain Glass Romania.

The configurator is intended for all construction professionals, regardless of their level of experience in the field of glass: architects, constructors, engineers, consultants, facade, window and glazing manufacturers or general contractors, she added.

Through a user-friendly interface, Calumen offers key features:

  • create and save glazing configurations in individual projects;
  • comparison of several glazing configurations;
  • “reverse engineering” mode – prepares a proposal for glazing based on set characteristics;
  • backup and duplication of glazing configurations;
  • updated and richer sound insulation database;
  • visualization of the selected glazing;
  • access to certificates.

The innovative Calumen is a tool for finding the right glass for any architectural project. The configurator is available in 13 languages. Saint-Gobain Glass plans to periodically add new services and functionalities to the Calumen Suite.

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