March 16: folk customs and signs of the weather, what is forbidden to do

The national holiday on March 16 is known as Eutropian Day, Bear Awakening.

What holiday is March 16 / photo

On March 16, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the three martyrs Eutropius, Kleonicus and Basilisk, who died for the Christian faith.

Our ancestors on the day of Eutropius went around the garden with a consecrated cross in their hands. It was believed that such a simple ritual would increase the productivity of the land, as well as help attract spring and warm the soil faster.

Also on March 16, they crossed the gates, the front door and all the windows in the house, and also the stove. Such a ritual, as planned, was supposed to protect the house and its inhabitants from troubles and diseases. Also, this ceremony was supposed to bring good luck in the new year (in Kievan Rus, the year began on March 1).

According to old beliefs, it is on March 16 that the bear wakes up from hibernation. Our ancestors believed that the bear wakes up angry and hungry. On March 16, we did not go to the forest and other wild places, so as not to accidentally meet a bear.

Often on March 16 there were rains and thunderstorms. If thunder was heard on this date, then they would definitely go outside for a while. It was believed that it would bring good luck and also heal a sore back.

What not to do on March 16

On this day, one should not go unnecessarily into the forest and into any wilderness. On this day, you can meet aggressive animals in the forest, as well as get your feet wet due to bad weather.

Also on March 16, you can’t gnaw seeds and gnaw hard food, otherwise your teeth will deteriorate and start to hurt.

It is impossible on March 16 to issue loans and borrow money, otherwise you will be in debt all year.

Signs of the weather on March 16

There are such signs about the weather on this day:

  • Thunder rumbles on this day – to the deterioration of the weather in the coming days.
  • If the starlings arrived, then there will be a good grain harvest.
  • The cat hides in a warm place all day – it will get colder soon.
  • A thunderstorm on this day portends good fishing and a good catch of fish in the coming days.
  • If the buds are swollen on the trees, then early vegetables can already be sown in the garden.

It is important to note that in our time the climate has changed a lot, and not all old signs are relevant to us.

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