“Miss Universe”: Ukraine for the first time won the competition of national costumes

Victoria Apanasenko appeared as a warrior of light.

Victoria Apanasenko / instagram.com/crystal.viktoria

Ukrainian Victoria Apanasenko represented our country at the Miss Universe contest. She appeared on stage in the national costume “Warrior of Light”, which immediately captivated the audience.

Apanasenko noted that such recognition from the fans of the contest was important for her, because with this costume she wanted to convey what is happening now in her native Ukraine, that we are forced to fight against Russian aggression.

It should be noted that the basis is the image of the Archangel Michael, who defends Ukraine with a sword in his hands. Therefore, designer Lesya Patoka depicted a participant from Ukraine in armor, with weapons, but at the same time in a white dress, which indicates that she brings light.

“This costume is my heart and soul. These are tears of happiness. For the first time in the history of Miss Universe, Ukraine won the main award for the national costume,” Apanasenko said on Instagram.

Victoria Apanasenko / instagram.com/crystal.viktoria

Recall that earlier “Miss Ukraine Universe” Apanasenko impressed with children’s photos.

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