Russian comedian Bely does not want to fight on the side of the invaders: “My father is from Ukraine”

He also ridiculed Russian propaganda.

Russian stand-up comedian Ruslan Bely said he would not go to the front to kill Ukrainians. According to him, his father lives in Ukraine, as well as many relatives and a friend.

Therefore, he does not want to defend the interests of the dictator Vladimir Putin, so that later he will meet his friend from Odessa in the war and have him shoot him with a mortar.

“I’m not going to defend the interests of one person. Moreover, where should I go? My father is from Ukraine. I have half of my relatives there. I have a friend there, Evgeny, who lives in Odessa. And the last thing I want is for my friend Yevgeny fired at me from a mortar somewhere near Kherson with the phrase: “Not everything is so simple, Ruslan,” Bely said during his speech.

He also harshly ridiculed Russian propagandists who unanimously trumpet that if Russia had not attacked Ukraine first, then our country would have done it.

“And I don’t need to say that if it weren’t for us, then Ukraine would have attacked us first. Seriously? For what? For a joke? Somehow Ukraine attacked Russia, since Lukashenka knew where the attack was coming from,” the comedian joked.

Recall that the comedian Poperechny was turned off the microphone at the concert when it came to Russia.

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