The secret of the name: astrologers told the names of women with a complex character

According to experts, Kiras love to argue and prove their case.

Barbarians, according to astrologers, are very capricious / photo

The name of a person, according to astrologers, largely determines his fate. There is a version that representatives of certain names may be more scandalous or have a complex character. What female names may indicate a difficult temper – read below.


According to experts, Kiras love to argue and prove their point. It is difficult for them to please, women with that name are very demanding. In addition, Kira can be very vindictive. They do not forgive mistakes and will remember the slightest mistake of another person for a long time.

However, women with this name love heartfelt conversations. They can change their mind about a person if they get to know him better. Sometimes it is difficult for them to find friends, but those who manage to get their attention will never regret it.


Barbarians, according to astrologers, are very capricious. They can make a scandal if they don’t get what they want. Sometimes stubbornness leads to serious problems. Women with this name can make unjustified sacrifices and will always try to prove their case.

Also, Barbarians can’t always contain their emotions. They quickly become enraged and can offend others with their harsh statements. However, in a relationship, women with this name are very kind, they give themselves entirely to love and will never betray.


Angelinas, according to astrologers, do not like to admit their mistakes. They rarely admit that they did wrong. Women with this name do not know how and do not want to lose, and therefore they will fight and fight back to the last.

In Angelina’s work, leadership qualities are often shown, but others do not always like them. Women with this name can “go over their heads” and try their best to beat the competition.

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