Will the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit Putin in Crimea: Arestovich assessed the chances (video)

“We are simple people, we can bang,” said the former adviser to the OPU.

Putin is going to the Crimea / photo REUTERS

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is planning a trip to Crimea to mark the anniversary of the annexation of the peninsula.

Former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich assessed how great the chances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hit and hit him while he was there:

“You need to know who, when and where. If at least one question is not answered, then it is very difficult to organize a strike. The only problem is who can know for sure. Is he there or a double? Where is everyone? What time? Usually such visits “are carried out, then messages come out retroactively. A strict regime of secrecy is maintained. And with all our capabilities, with all the capabilities of our partners, it is difficult to know exactly where Putin will be.”

According to Arestovich, everything is not so simple.

“We are simple people, we can bang. Therefore, they will take doubly precautionary measures. Everything is not so simple. If the presidents were so easy to kill, then everyone was already killed a long time ago,” he added.

Situation in Crimea – latest news

RosSMI reports that the Russian authorities have abandoned the idea of ​​a large-scale celebration of the next anniversary of the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea. It was noted that the Russian special services “do not recommend holding” the concert “because of the risks of terrorist attacks.”

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region, the occupiers are intensifying security measures in some settlements and taking the loot to Crimea.

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