Black solar shingles promise 20.1% efficiency

Solar rooftop panels will increasingly give way to photovoltaic roof tiles and shingles (photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The idea of ​​solar shingles, which are installed on the roof instead of traditional shingles, tempts many. Here, a new type of rooftop solar cell with an efficiency of 20.1% will soon appear on the market. The Belinus development is black in color and designed specifically for roofing applications.

Shingles are a type of flat and very durable plates that are stacked side by side on the roof, forming a complete covering. Thus, they replace traditional tiles.

Solar shingles are the modern answer to standard solar roof installations – bulky, unsightly, superstructure-mounted, unsightly appendages, impossible to fit into a house’s design.

“We manufacture the shingle series in low carbon footprint factories with reduced material consumption, where the metal bond tape is eliminated, the encapsulator and cage are thinner, the silicon content is reduced by 40%, and the lead content of the module is reduced by more than 60%,” said a company spokesperson about the new offer.

The Nova modules have a rated power of 420 W and a conversion efficiency of 20.1%. The shingles measure 1812x1096x30mm and weigh 20.8kg each. The operating temperature is in the range from -40 C to 85 degrees, they also have IP68 protection. The maximum system voltage is 1500 V. The company offers a 35-year warranty with 86% of the original capacity retained.

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