Horoscope for March 18: Lions – a man from the past, Libra – provocations

Find out what awaits your zodiac sign on this day.

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Astrologers have made a forecast for March 18, 2023 for all signs of the Zodiac. This day will not be very easy, but it is important to remember that there is a way out of every situation.


The key to your success on Saturday is perseverance. If you sit idle and wait for the weather by the sea, nothing will work out. Take matters into your own hands and do what you must.


Your weak point is health. Therefore, special attention should be paid to it. Astrologers warn that there can be not only falls and injuries, but also depression.


From the very morning you will already begin to feel tired, and, accordingly, laziness. Therefore, it is better for you not to take on cases that require full dedication. Devote this day to rest and recovery.


There may be situations in which it may seem to you that you cannot cope without the help of loved ones. However, this is an erroneous opinion. You will succeed if you gather all your will into a fist and start acting.

a lion

For Lviv, the second half of the day will be significant. You may meet a person from the past who will play an important role in your life. Probably, the relationship between you is not over yet.


The stars incline you to rest – lie on the couch, read a book, eat deliciously. Do not overexert yourself, as burnout can occur. Tomorrow, do not think about business at all.


On this day, luck will turn away from you, so unpleasant situations may arise. Surrounding people will try to draw you into all sorts of conflicts, but be careful and do not fall for provocations.


Scorpios should pay attention to their diet. If you continue to eat fast foods, eat sweets and starchy foods, drink alcohol, your health can be seriously affected.


It’s time to reach your goals. Before you do anything, make a plan for how you will act. Don’t give up if you want to get what you want.


You should turn on all your attentiveness and prudence, as scammers who want to cheat you for a large amount of money will become more active on this day. Do not borrow or lend money.


Astrologers recommend that you spend this day with loved ones. Engage in some kind of joint pleasant business, perhaps creativity. This will make your relationship even better.


It’s time for you to change. You want to get rid of everything old and start life from scratch. So, be brave and do whatever you want.

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