It became known what “noodles” Putin intends to win the elections in 2024

Next year, Putin wants to reappoint himself as president and is already preparing the ideological basis for this.

Putin decided to pretend to be a conservative / photo REUTERS

Vladimir Putin will go to the 2024 presidential election under the slogan of protecting “traditional values” that are more important than material well-being. The Russian opposition publication Meduza writes about this.

According to journalists, the political bloc of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation has already formulated preliminary “ideological guidelines” for next year’s presidential campaign.

According to informed sources, the campaign will be built around the “ideology of conservatism” – Putin will be positioned as the “custodian of traditional values.” There will also be rhetoric about Russia’s “moral superiority” over other countries.

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On the whole, the “conservative isolationist ideology” should replace the ideas of the “Russian world”, partially absorbing them. Russians will be sold the idea of ​​a “state in itself” that preserves the traditions of the past and interacts little with the rest of the world.

Within the framework of this ideology, Russians will be explained that “a sense of duty and super-goal” is important to them, as well as “priority of the intangible over the mercantile.”

Russian Presidential Election 2024

The next presidential elections in the Russian Federation are to be held on March 17, 2024. So that Putin could participate in them, three years ago in Russia his presidential terms were “nullified”. Now he is not subject to the constitutional restriction on two terms of presidential rule.

In early March, the Kremlin hosted a meeting of the “domestic political bloc” at which they discussed preparations for the 2024 elections. They want to get even more votes than they did in the 2018 elections. Then Putin was “drawn” 76.7% of the votes with a turnout of 67.5%.

However, experts believe that Putin will lose power even before the elections – as a result of a military defeat in Ukraine. The former head of the British General Staff, Richard Dannatt, believes that the successful counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine this spring and summer will be a death sentence for Putin.

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