Libra – the taste of victory, Virgo – the loss of all money: tarot card horoscope for March 18

Aries can try their luck.

Crayfish will be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle / photo

On Saturday, March 18, Libra will be able to climb to the top and win the long-awaited victory. And Virgos will have to deal with problems, they may be left with an empty wallet. What Tarot cards promise to other signs of the Zodiac – read in the horoscope below.


Aries can try their luck. Ask for things you don’t even expect. Perhaps your dreams will come true. However, don’t forget to give thanks.


Tarot cards promise Taurus great luck in their personal lives. You can move to a new stage of relationships or meet your destiny. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative.


Gemini can understand that someone is pressing on them. Some person is trying to impose their ideas on you and use your resources for their own benefit. Do not bend for the sake of other people’s interests.


On Saturday, Cancers will be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle and relax. A pleasant evening and good news awaits you. Share this time with your significant other.

a lion

Lions cannot give up their plans, even if everyone around them says that you will not succeed. Do not believe evil tongues. Fight back all envious people.


On this day, Virgos may face troubles that will hit your pocket. You risk losing all your money, Tarot cards promise you big expenses. It will be retribution for the mistakes of the past.


Libra will finally understand how nice it is to win. You will enjoy the taste of victory, but you can turn your nose up a lot. Because of this, the person who is involved in your success will be offended by you.


Scorpios should think about their relationship with their families. You have moved away from your family and stopped enjoying meetings with loved ones. This will reflect badly on you in the future.


Sagittarians should listen to their “sixth sense”. You realize that you are moving in the wrong direction, but you keep going anyway. It’s time to stop and think things over.


Tarot cards promise change for Capricorns. You have relaxed too much and stopped trying, because of which life can seriously teach you a lesson. Be prepared for this.


On Saturday, Aquarius should have a serious talk with their leadership. Perhaps you are loaded with someone else’s work. Because of this, you lost faith in yourself and gave up.


March 18 Pisces should decide on something new. Start by changing your image, it will do you good. Also on this day, you can dream about something very intimate.

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