Not Bobik and not Sharik: how to choose the perfect name for a dog

Choosing a nickname for a pet is very important.

Choose a name for the dog - a whole ritual / photo

If you have made that most important decision to take home a puppy, then, of course, you have thought about how to name it. Naturally, deciding on a name for a puppy is a whole ritual. After all, a name for a dog is important.

Earlier UNIAN wrote why the cat meows. Now we will advise how to choose a beautiful name for a dog.

Original nickname for a dog – options

Experts advise choosing a monosyllabic name for the dog, so it will be easier for her to remember the nickname, and the dog will quickly respond to it. If you choose a two-syllable name, then, according to experts, the dog will still remember the first syllable, and it will be more difficult for her to remember the two-syllable name.

Options for nicknames: Bos, Woof, Giv, Gor, Dog, Daz, Zip, Chuck, Lear, Lord. The main thing that you invest in his nickname. Choose a name that you like, the main thing is that your pet remembers.

Nickname for a girl dog

There are no rules on how to name a dog. It all depends on your imagination. What matters is what the dog can remember. According to experts, the dog will remember the syllable. But you can give the puppy different nicknames.

Nicknames for dog girls: Ellie, Goldie, Ginny, Mia, Gerda, Knopa, Lada, Kari, Weasel, Zizi, Zita, Zakira, Ava, Mura, Lyra, Dana, Chris, Lizi, etc.

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Nickname for dog boy

The new family member deserves the best name, of course. And if you have difficulty choosing a nickname for a puppy, then keep several options: Zach, Jacques, Vin, Gan, Alex, Ben, Gerard, Zeus, Ziggy, Dex, Bucks.

Names should be easy to understand. And again, it all depends on your imagination. The main thing is love for the pet.

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