Gemini – humiliation, Capricorn – tears of happiness: tarot card horoscope for March 19

Taurus is waiting for a day that can be devoted to self-development and the fight against bad habits.

Crayfish can meet friends and have some fun / photo

On Sunday, March 19, Gemini can be very disgraced and become a laughing stock. And Capricorns will be so stunned by the good news that they will start crying with happiness. What awaits other signs of the Zodiac – read the horoscope on the Tarot cards below.


Aries should keep their secrets to themselves. No need to share secrets and tell people what you are not ready to tell in front of all your friends. In some situations, it is better to remain silent.


Taurus is waiting for a day that can be devoted to self-development and the fight against bad habits. You can improve your life and open up new perspectives. However, this takes a little effort.


Tarot cards promise Gemini trials. You run the risk of greatly disgraced, the enemies will try to humiliate you. To avoid trouble, give up quarrels and attempts to prove your case.


Cancers can meet up with friends and have some fun. You get very tired and do not feel sorry for yourself, this threatens with burnout and emptiness. Take care of yourself and rest.

a lion

On March 19, Lviv is waiting for a meeting with a person who will help them solve many problems. The wise and valuable advice you will receive should not be ignored. Listen to the words of someone who wishes you well.


Virgos are waiting for good luck in their personal lives. You can spend the day next to your loved one. In addition, Tarot cards promise Virgo a good day for negotiations.


Libra can discover new facets in themselves. You will realize that you are able to overcome many difficulties. However, for this you will have to learn to accept your mistakes.


Scorpios will face difficulties. They will have to intervene in the quarrel and act as a judge. Don’t side with the wrong one.


Sagittarians can spend money on something beautiful. Treat yourself to some shopping and spare no expense. It’s time to think about yourself and not about others.


Tarot cards predict tears of happiness for Capricorns. You will be so happy with your luck that you will not be able to contain your emotions. Do not be shy about it, rejoice and enjoy.


Aquarius will have to take on difficult tasks. You need to help others and not be afraid of responsibility. You will succeed, it is only important to believe in yourself.


March 19 Pisces will be pleasantly surprised. An unexpected surprise awaits you from your friends. Prepare for unexpected guests and welcome them with joy.

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