He was limping heavily and with strange bald patches: Putin was noticed in Crimea (video)

The Russian dictator or one of his doppelgangers arrived in Crimea on the anniversary of the annexation.

Putin appeared in Sevastopol / photo from social networks

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin arrived in the occupied Crimea. This is reported by local local publics in social networks.

It is alleged that an international war criminal wanted by the Hague court came to inspect the Korsun art school and children’s center in captured Sevastopol.

The published footage shows that the dictator is noticeably limping while walking. Strange bald patches on the head are also clearly visible – possible signs of chemotherapy.

Officially, the purpose of the visit to Crimea has not been announced. Probably, the trip is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the annexation of the peninsula.

Russian annexation of Crimea

Russia seized Crimea in late February-early March 2014 using unmarked regular troops. On March 16, the invaders held an illegal pseudo-referendum on the entry of the peninsula into the Russian Federation, and on March 18, based on the “results” of this pseudo-voting, Russia documented the seizure of Ukrainian territory.

The Russian annexation of Crimea was not recognized by either Ukraine or the rest of the world community. Only the Central American state of Nicaragua has officially declared that it recognizes “the entry of Crimea into Russia.” For this, Ukraine imposed sanctions against Nicaragua.

At present, the invaders are actively preparing for the future defense of Crimea, which will probably be liberated earlier than Donbass. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov is sure that it is easier to liberate the peninsula by military means for geographical reasons.

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