March 18: folk customs and prohibitions, signs of the weather

The folk holiday on March 18 is known as Konon the gardener, Konon Gradar.

What holiday is March 18 / photo

On March 18, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the two martyrs Konon Gradar and Konon the Isaurian. Saint Konon Gradar was a well-known worker and a skilled gardener. Therefore, the day of his memory was considered successful for working in the garden and in the garden.

From the day of Konon, our ancestors began to plow and sow the garden, and they worked in any weather. Be sure to fertilize the land with manure on the day of Konon. They believed that vegetables would definitely be healthy and give a good harvest if they were sown on March 18.

If the weather was bad, then they plowed and sowed seeds only symbolically in order to appease Saint Conon. Early vegetables and greens were sown in the garden, and tomatoes and peppers were planted in seedlings.

Also on the day of Konon, greenhouses and hotbeds were repaired, seeds were soaked for crops and hardened in the cold. Earlier, UNIAN wrote what to soak the seeds in before sowing so that they germinate well.

Konon’s day has long been considered successful for curing any childhood illness. According to old beliefs, if a child falls ill on this day, he will quickly recover. Also on this day they pray for the repose of people who died not by their own death. Prayer for the soldiers will help to pray for the repose of the Ukrainian military.

What not to do on March 18

On this day, you can not use a rake and pitchfork. Our ancestors said that if you use these items today, then in the summer the hail will beat the crops.

You can’t leave the land unplowed today if you plan to grow your own crops.

Also on this day, it is undesirable for spouses to have an intimate relationship. Such a ban is due to the fact that Saint Conan of Isauria kept celibacy all his life, and abstinence can earn his respect.

Signs of the weather March 18

There are such signs about the weather on this day:

  • If it is dry and clear on Konon, then the summer will be dry.
  • Ducks swim in the lakes – to a warm spring.
  • If thunder strikes, then it’s time to plant young trees in the garden.
  • Mice wound up in the field or in the cellar – by a lean year.
  • If flies or butterflies have already appeared, then there will be no more frosts.

It is important to note that in our time the climate has changed a lot, and not all old signs are relevant to us.

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