MiG and Su aircraft: the expert spoke about the main differences

In terms of tactical and technical characteristics, Su aircraft “will be more powerful” than MiGs.

Zhdanov named the main differences between the MiG and Su aircraft / photo

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained how the Su aircraft differ from the MiG. He stressed that in Russia the MiGs were less modernized, these aircraft mainly had a switch instrument panel.

“They differ in size and weight. The MiG is much smaller and lighter, the Sushka is larger and heavier. But if we compare constructively, the MiGs are more outdated machines, they were less modernized in Russia. The MiG is a more “manual” aircraft. It has a direct the drive from the control stick to the ailerons, to the flaps and other things,” Zhdanov explained on his YouTube channel.

He noted that the MiG-29’s dashboard is basically all arrows.

“That is, the devices of the old type, not digital. The “drying” is more modern, it has more electronics, it is automatic. This means the control system for the indirect transfer of traction from the control stick to the elements of the fuselage that controls the machine,” the expert added.

Zhdanov stressed that in terms of tactical and technical characteristics, the Su aircraft “will be more powerful” than the MiG.

“You can say that the MiG is a more mechanical aircraft, and the Sushka is a more electronic aircraft. This is the main difference between these two aircraft. The MiG is older, it has been modernized less, and the Sushka is more modern. The latest version is the Su -35. I don’t take the Su-57, I talk about it all the time,” he continued.

According to Zhdanov, the Su-57 is a Su-35 in a new fuselage. At the same time, he admits that “something was improved there, finalized, as always, they tightened it up.”

“The Su-35 is the maximum modernization that the Russian Federation is capable of today. And the MiG is older, more mechanics, less modernization, pointer devices and so on. Well, the Dryer is larger and more powerful, the MiG is smaller and weaker,” Zhdanov emphasized.

At the same time, he noted that “Drying” is still better, since it is more modern.

“But I will say that our Stingers don’t care what Sushka or MiGs do. They shoot down the same way,” the expert summed up.

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