Russians steal cars, trailers, boats and scooters in Kherson region – CNS

The Russians do not believe they can hold the region.

The Russians continue to steal Ukrainians' minot / photo

Russian invaders continue to loot in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region. In particular, the situation escalated in the Skadovsky district.

According to the Center for National Resistance, the occupiers take away trailers, scooters, boats and cars from people.

“The enemy makes raids in the villages and takes property allegedly for the needs of the army. However, in most cases, the car is then distilled and sold in the Russian Federation. During the raids, the Russians also look for hunting weapons and other valuables, which are also” confiscated, “the CNS noted.

This behavior of the occupiers probably indicates that the Russians do not believe that they are here forever and are plundering the region whenever possible.

Looting by Russian invaders in Ukraine

As UNIAN previously reported, in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region, the occupiers are intensifying security measures in some settlements and taking the loot to Crimea.

When the interventionists fled from Kherson and the region, they took out communal property. Russian marauding soldiers have already taken all the medical equipment from the hospitals in the temporarily occupied Kakhovka and Nova Kakhovka.

As the media learned, they took out more than 15,000 art objects of historical heritage from Kherson.

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