Geranium will bloom luxuriantly all year round: just do it with a flower

Geranium is a rather unpretentious plant, however, in order for it to please with flowers all year round, there are several secrets.

Geranium is a very unpretentious indoor plant \ photo

Geranium flowers of different shades can be found in every home. Even despite the specific smell, many people like that this houseplant can bloom almost all the time. However, if your geranium “took” a long pause, UNIAN will tell you how to fix it.

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Indoor geranium – care tips

In fact, geranium is unpretentious, it needs minimal care. For this flower, a clay pot with a diameter of 14 cm and a height of up to 15 cm is suitable. In plastic, the roots can rot from excess moisture. Geranium loves balanced watering – not too wet, but not dry soil. If the leaves of a houseplant wither, dry – this is a sign of excess moisture in the soil. Keep in mind that in winter the flower needs to be watered once a week, and in summer – every day.

Experts advise not to prune geraniums in winter, otherwise the plant will not bloom quickly. Experienced gardeners note that the best fertilizer for geraniums, especially flowering ones, is potassium-phosphorus. With a pause in flowering, you can take a nitrogen fertilizer.

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How to make geraniums bloom all year round – the secret of experienced flower growers

Experienced housewives are preparing a secret top dressing, from which geraniums will bloom magnificently all year round. For the solution you need:

  • 3 liters of water;
  • 100 g of yeast;
  • half a glass of sugar.

Mix all the ingredients in a container and leave until the fermentation process is completed. Dilute a glass of finished top dressing in 10 liters of water and water the flower once every two weeks.

How quickly geranium blooms – we speed up the process

You can stimulate the flowering of geraniums with regular feeding and proper care. However, if the manipulations did not work, there is another life hack – acupuncture. To do this, pierce the stem in three places with an alcoholized pin. If the plant has several trunks, you need to pierce each one. But the total number of punctures should not exceed 10.

The trick is that such manipulation is stressful for the flower, and it begins to develop in an accelerated mode. Literally in a week, the geranium bush will be covered with lush color.

How to make geraniums bloom – simple tips

Making geraniums bloom is easy. To do this, you need to put a pot of geraniums in a sunny place, make sure that there are no drafts, and the room temperature does not fall below +17 degrees.

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