Horoscope for March 20: Pisces – an interesting offer, Scorpions – bitter tears

Find out how the start of the week will be for you.

Horoscope for March 20 /

Astrologers have compiled a horoscope for Monday, March 20. Aries on this day will be full of energy, Lions will have the courage to bring old ideas to life, and Pisces will be offered something that they cannot refuse.


Aries will be full of strength and inspiration to bring all their desires and plans to life. Monday will not be without problems, but all the troubles will be quickly resolved.


The beginning of the week will not bring strength, zeal and positive emotions to Taurus at all. On the contrary, they want to relax, rest and be alone with their thoughts.


On this day, the Gemini will receive an interesting offer that they cannot refuse. The offer will be related to work and profit.


Cancer stars promise heart-to-heart conversations with people from whom no one could expect revelations. But astrologers warn that you should not open up and trust too personal.

a lion

For Leos, Monday will bring determination in order to realize long-planned plans. For example, they may spontaneously buy something.


Virgos will be completely immersed in household duties, work and routine. The day will fly by.


Libra should be careful, because failures and problems will follow them.


Scorpions may cry bitterly on this day due to the fact that serious problems have piled on them.


Sagittarians will make banking transactions, sign documents, sell or buy something.


Capricorns will have health problems that will force them to leave work and see a doctor.


Aquarius in the evening will go on a romantic date to a restaurant or to the cinema. On March 20, they will not be bothered by any problems.


Pisces Monday will give new opportunities for self-realization. For example, it could be an interesting job offer.

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