Polyakova sharply responded to the haters who harassed her daughter for a vacation in Paris

Recently, Masha Polyakova showed happy photos taken in France. She went there with her boyfriend.

Olya Polyakova reacted to the hate about her daughter / screenshot

Recently, the daughter of the Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, Masha, celebrated her 18th birthday. The girl went to Paris with her boyfriend. When she posted happy pictures on her Instagram blog, she was hit with an avalanche of hate because she allegedly arranged a “feast” during the war.

Now, in an interview with the RAMINA YouTube channel, Polyakova reacted indignantly to the bullying:

“And my 17-year-old daughter probably should have taken a gun and went to shoot at the front?! This is a child! And children have nothing to do in the war! This is my position. , but they only hate my Masha? What is this?

Polyakova urged the haters to think about the fact that not only those children who stay in Ukraine and hear the air raid alert, the whistle of rockets and explosions receive moral injuries, but also those who were forced to leave their homes.

“The children who left are very traumatized. Of course, those who remain here under the bombs are also. My children periodically visit Ukraine and also sit in a bomb shelter, spend the night in the basement. They already know where the drone is flying, where the rocket is flying where air defense works. My children are the same as other children,” Polyakova said.

Regarding Masha’s trip to Paris, the celebrity said the following:

“She has a boyfriend who bought tickets and took her to Paris, put her in a three-star hotel. I say to her: “Why didn’t you take it off? Why didn’t you take a picture that you didn’t rent apartments in the palace? Show it like it is. Maybe they won’t hate like that, “But on the other hand: why should she make excuses? Because she is a child? Because she went abroad to study?”

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