Russians lie about “successes” in Bakhmut and occupation of the city by 70% – ISW

Experts did not find evidence for Prigozhin’s words that the “Wagnerites” were supposedly already 600-700 meters from the Bakhmut administrative center.

Bakhmut is actually destroyed by the Russians / screenshot

The Institute for the Study of War found no visual evidence of the claims of the Russian invaders about the occupation of a number of facilities in Bakhmut.

Analysts point out that the occupiers are probably focusing on offensive operations in the northern part of the city, which is also mentioned in the summary of the General Staff.

Rashist bloggers also claimed that a cleansing operation on the territory of the AZOM metal processing plant continues. However, analysts did not find any confirmation of this.

Experts have not found evidence for Prigozhin’s words that the “Wagnerites” are supposedly already 600-700 meters from the Bakhmut administrative center and on the West Bank of the Bakhmutka River.

It is also not true that Russia allegedly occupied 70%. According to analysts, as of March 8, the Russian Federation occupied 50% of Bakhmut and since then, the Russian forces have not advanced significantly.

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Battles for Bakhmut – the situation at the front

Russia is focusing its efforts on the capture of Bakhmut. Rashists mainly attacked from the north of the city, as well as in the areas of the settlements of Orekhovo-Vasilovka, Grigorovka and Bogdanovka.

In the Bakhmut direction, the invaders lost such an amount of manpower that would be enough for another campaign against Kyiv, summed up analyst Ivan Kirichevsky.

According to the West, at least 30,000 invaders were eliminated in the battles for Bakhmut.

Due to the shortage of mercenaries and equipment, the assault ardor of the Wagner PMC around the city is fading, the leader of the terrorists Yevgeny Prigozhin, previously convinced of the power of the PMC, is preparing the audience for defeat.

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