“Senseless question”: in Serbia they said whether Putin would be arrested in the event of a visit

Serbia is Russia’s staunchest ally west of Brest, but also a member of the International Criminal Court.

Putin has nowhere to go, says Vucic / photo REUTERS

Issuing an international arrest warrant for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin “will have bad political consequences” and prolong the war in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, talking to reporters in Belgrade, writes Sky News.

According to the Serbian leader, the arrest warrant shows “great unwillingness to talk about peace and a truce” in Ukraine.

“My question is, now that you’ve accused him of major war crimes, who are you going to talk to? Do you really think that Russia can be defeated in a month, three months or a year?” Vucic asks.

Asked by a journalist if Putin would be arrested if he came to Serbia, Vučić said it was a “meaningless question” because as long as the war continues, “Putin has nowhere to go.”

Arrest warrant for Putin

On March 17, the International Criminal Court, often referred to informally as the “Hague Tribunal”, issued an international warrant for the arrest of Vladimir Putin. Formally, now more than 120 countries of the world, recognizing the jurisdiction of this court, should arrest Putin at the first opportunity.

On Sunday, the German justice minister said that Putin would certainly be arrested as soon as he set foot on German soil. Thus, Germany was the first to confirm its readiness to execute the warrant for Putin’s arrest.

The authorities of South Africa, where Putin planned to go at the end of the summer, also declared their commitment to the International Court of Justice, but evaded a direct answer as to whether the dictator would be arrested.

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