The Ministry of Defense warned about Russian fakes and clarified the situation on mobilization

They noted that one of the main Russian narratives is that the mobilized immediately without preparation are sent to Bakhmut.

The Ministry of Defense listed Russian fakes, which are now actively dispersed \ photo

Kremlin propaganda is working on the topic of discrediting mobilization in Ukraine. In particular, propagandists are spreading a fake that the mobilized are immediately sent to the front line.

This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar. She clarified that pro-Russian telegram channels are once again dispersing the topic of women’s mobilization. “We don’t mobilize women without their consent, even doctors. And they don’t send them to the front line without their consent,” Malyar stressed.

She explained that if a woman liable for military service receives a summons, this is to clarify the data and this procedure is carried out once every 5 years.

“Information is also constantly being spread that allegedly through Diya they will issue subpoenas. Now subpoenas are not issued through Diya. And this issue is not being worked out,” she said.

Another Russian narrative is that the mobilized are immediately sent to Bakhmut without preparation. “In fact, those mobilized who have not completed military service are sent to training centers. Because of the large-scale war, the training of privates and non-commissioned officers takes place on a reduced schedule, but without compromising the quality of training,” Malyar said.

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“If you were sent to the front line without the skills to use weapons and training, you must report this to the hotline phones. In order to quickly sort it out and take action, you need to give the name and surname of the mobilized person and the number of the military unit to which you were sent, and which TCC the JV sent. The hotline numbers of the Ministry of Defense are: 0-800-500-410, 0-800-500-442 and 044-454-44-99,” the deputy minister said and added that it should also be taken into account that mobilized are sent to different directions, and not just to the Donbass.

According to Malyar, there are many rear military units in different areas, whose task is to bring victory closer. “The spectrum is wide – from educational institutions and divisions, to bases, warehouses and arsenals, here you can add repair parts, communications and cyber defense parts. It’s worth remembering airfields, hospitals, car depots. Round-the-clock security and defense are needed. And such positions also pass mobilization,” Malyar explained the situation.

Mobilization in Ukraine

At the end of last year, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new procedure for organizing and maintaining military records in Ukraine. Now those liable for military service can transfer data to military registration and enlistment offices through the Diya application.

And in January, the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced that, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, an electronic military ID will appear in Diy, but they will not send summonses through the service.

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