The Russian wrote a denunciation of the kindergarten because of the rainbow benches

Now the security forces will check the preschool for LGBT propaganda.

In Russia, a kindergarten was accused of promoting LGBT / photo

In Russia, a man reported to the police at a kindergarten because of the benches and gates in the colors of the rainbow.

According to the Telegram channel “Caution, news”, the incident occurred in the Stavropol Territory. A 65-year-old man noticed that on the territory of the Zoryanochka kindergarten there are multi-colored benches, and the gates are painted in the colors of the rainbow.

The colors reminded the Russian of the rainbow flag and he reported this to the police. Now the security forces will check the preschool for LGBT propaganda.

Persecution of LGBT people in Russia

Recall that in December 2022, President of the Russian Federation Putin signed a law aimed at banning the distribution of materials “promoting non-traditional sexual relations”, “pedophilia” and “sex reassignment”.

The amendments introduce fines of up to 400 thousand rubles for citizens, up to 800 thousand rubles for officials and up to 5 million rubles for legal entities for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations, preferences and sex change” among people of all ages.

In the same month, all resumes of men with the name Sergei were blocked on a Russian job search site. In addition, against two Russian bloggers brought administrative case under this article.

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