Circle of partners ready to work to punish Russia expands – Zelensky

He thanked Austria for joining the group that is preparing the creation of a special tribunal on Russian aggression.

Zelensky published a new video message / photo

The circle of Ukraine’s partners who are ready to work together to punish Russia for aggression is expanding.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated this in his evening video message to the Ukrainians. According to Zelensky, he had three international conversations today, during which both political and humanitarian issues were discussed. In particular, there was a conversation with Austrian Chancellor Karl Negammer and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

“I thanked Austria for joining the group that is preparing the creation of a special tribunal on Russian aggression against our state. I also thanked Ireland, Mr. Prime Minister, for joining his state to this group. The circle of partners who are ready to work together to punish Russia for aggression, inevitably expands and makes the prospect of punishment more and more realistic,” Zelensky stressed.

The President noted that it is not enough to bring to justice those who are guilty of crimes generated by aggression. “It is also necessary to punish – quite justly and legally – for the original crime itself, which gave rise to all other crimes of this war. This is what the special tribunal will provide. Every day we bring its creation closer. By the way, today this issue, as well as our joint work with the International Criminal were discussed by the court in London during the conference of European justice ministers. I addressed the participants of the conference and called on them to support all elements of international efforts so that the aggressor would be accurately punished,” the head of state said.

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Zelensky said that he also discussed with representatives of Austria and Ireland the possibilities of treatment and rehabilitation of the Ukrainian military. “It is very important that both the Austrian chancellor and the Irish prime minister discussed the possibilities of treating and rehabilitating our people who were wounded by Russian weapons,” he said.

According to him, bilateral cooperation and joint opportunities to restore justice violated by Russian aggression were discussed with the Austrian Chancellor.

Zelensky also informed about the conversation with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “In our conversation, we focused on defense issues, on quite practical steps that will help realize our peace formula.”

According to Zelensky, he informed Rutte about the situation on the front line, about the main needs and opportunities.

Special tribunal for Russia

As UNIAN reported earlier, in January the European Parliament voted for a resolution supporting the creation of an International Tribunal to bring to justice those responsible for the crime of aggression against Ukraine.

On January 26, PACE supported a resolution calling for the creation of a special tribunal for the top political and military leadership of Russia and Belarus.

In early March, the president’s office reported that the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania and Slovakia had signed an initiative agreement to establish a special center for the crime of Russian aggression.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 32 states have already joined the coalition to create a special tribunal for Russia.

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