Didn’t please the Kremlin: concerts of Putinist Povaliy are massively canceled in Russia

Now, in the Russian Federation, the corrupt artist has ceased to be appreciated.

In Russia, the concerts of Putinist Povaliy are massively canceled / screenshot

Putinist Taisiya Povaliy planned a large-scale tour of Russia, but her concerts began to be massively canceled on the territory of the aggressor country. The concert in Chita was the first to be removed from the schedule.

“It was supposed to take place on March 27. The organizer of the event announced this (about the cancellation – ed.) on March 20,” the propaganda media write.

The reason is not specified, but it is known that other events that were planned as part of the tour should not be expected.

RosSMI, referring to people close to Povaliy, add that the cancellation of concerts significantly affects the financial condition of the traitor – she remains almost without income.

For some unknown reason, she was even removed from a performance in a restaurant, which was planned on March 25 in the city of Ulan-Ude.

The position of Taisiya Povaliy regarding the war in Ukraine

Recently, the artist said that she supported the “special operation” – as the Russians call the murderous war unleashed by Putin on the territory of Ukraine. For more than a year, the star has never mentioned that her compatriots are being killed on orders from the Kremlin.

“From childhood, I got used to being where the truth is. Therefore, I am with Russia. I am for a return from the zombie state in which my Ukraine is today to a normal life,” said a native of the Kiev region.

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