In Ukraine, the program of preferential mortgage “єОselya” “hangs” (video)

This year the state plans to finance 8-9 thousand preferential loans.

There were a lot of people who wanted to get such a mortgage / photo

In Ukraine, the state program of preferential mortgage “єOselya” has hung. In the first months, housing loans at 3% managed to get about a thousand military, teachers and doctors.

But an even greater number of people were unable to get mortgages because the state ran out of money to finance the program, according to the story “Snidanku z 1 + 1” on the air of “1 + 1 Ukraine”.

Since October 1, 2022, Ukrainians have submitted 46,000 applications for preferential mortgages through Diya, loans have been issued for almost 1,000 apartments. According to the conditions, housing should be in a high-rise building and not older than 10 years, except for the frontline zone. The borrower receives a loan at 3%, the difference in the bank’s rate is covered by the state.

Ukrainians so actively poured into “Joselya” that the state ran out of money, they explain in the company that oversees preferential mortgages.

The ІОselya program continues to work, they explain in the Ukrfinzhile company, through which the state finances cheap mortgages. Now the company is working on attracting additional financial resources, but does not name the terms, probably this will happen this spring.

This year, the state plans to finance 8-9 thousand preferential loans, which is 10 times more than at the first stage. And they may soon expand the categories of professions for low-interest mortgages. Now such loans are only for the military, police, rescuers, teachers and doctors.

“JOselya” program in Ukraine

In October 2022, Ukraine launched a new state program for affordable lending “Josel”. It will give Ukrainians the opportunity to purchase housing with a minimum down payment of 20% and loans for up to 20 years “on favorable terms.”

At the same time, five Ukrainian banks joined the program: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank, Sky Bank, Globus Bank.

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