Molfar predicted a complete failure in the war with Russia

As Gordeev says, Russia will not be able to carry out its plan.

Molfar Max Gordeev made a new prediction and said that in the near future Russia will launch a lot of missiles in Ukraine, so the air raid cannot be ignored.

According to the expert, Russia does not have many missiles left, but now they are preparing a new plan. In the next few months they will launch missiles at us. Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, the center of Kyiv, Lvov, Nikolaev were at risk.

However, as Gordeev continued, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will beat off almost all attacks.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine will repel all attacks very globally. This will be a very strong failure for Russia,” Gordeev said on his YouTube channel.

He added that dictator Vladimir Putin would not just let go of the masterminds behind the plan to attack Ukraine.

“You understand that Putin does not let anyone go? He will torture them. He kills people,” the molfar added.

In addition, when reading the Tarot cards, he saw that Putin himself could soon die. According to Gordeev, now the dictator is living his last minutes.

Recall that the astrologer saw an early victory for Ukraine in the war.

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