Roborock S8 – a new robot vacuum cleaner with improvements

The new Roborock S8 is an excellent cleaning robot at a decent price

The European premiere of the new robotic vacuum cleaner Roborock S8 was eagerly awaited by fans of the brand. The model is now here to offer the familiar quality and efficiency of Roborock plus some useful upgrades.

The S8 first appeared at CES 2023 in January in Las Vegas. Starting this week, the robot is available in Europe – limited quantities of the Roborock S8 are available now at a promotional price of €549 in the Geekbuying online store with free shipping from a Polish warehouse.

S8 scans rooms and prepares routes, skillfully navigates when cleaning

The Roborock S8 is the base model of the manufacturer’s S8 series of robotic vacuum cleaners. It comes in a small, easy-to-carry box with a compact charging station, a mop to attach to the vacuum cleaner, a floor protector, a power cord and documentation. The height of the S8 is just under 10 cm, thanks to which the robot can enter under the furniture for cleaning without gaps.

Compared to the Roborock S7, the new model offers a number of improvements. One of the most important is the DuoRollers – these are two large rubber rollers on the bottom of the device that rotate in opposite directions. Together with the increased suction power of 6000 Pa, they increase the performance of the Roborock S8 and prevent hair from getting tangled in it.

Roborock S8 works with high suction power – 6000 Pa

The S8 effectively picks up even the finest dust, but it does just as well with small pebbles. The side brush on the right pushes the dirt in the direction of the suction opening. The noise during operation of the vacuum cleaner is weak and not annoying as in some other models. The dust box has a volume of 400 ml, which is not much, so you will have to empty it fairly often if you want quality suction.

The Roborock S8 uses ultrasound to determine whether it is currently on carpet or a smooth surface. Carpet detection is important for two reasons. Firstly, the Carpet Boost+ system provides better and deeper cleaning and secondly, the robot can lift its mop by 5mm to avoid wetting the carpet.

The Roborock S8 produces a map of the home that can be edited with a mobile app

The new Roborock model continues to use the reliable VibroRise cleaning system. It vibrates 3000 times per minute and manages to remove even slightly dried dirt from the floor.

With the help of a mobile application, you can determine how much water should be used from the 300 ml tank when the robot washes. It is necessary to fill the detachable tank with water in advance. After the robot has finished washing, it is recommended to remove the mop so that you can clean it and hang it to dry.

Roborock S8 recognizes carpets and smooth surfaces and cleans intelligently

On top of the robot is the usual laser navigation (LiDAR) tower. It allows the robot to recognize its surroundings, create virtual maps and navigate the home. The S8 manages to easily navigate around furniture and along ledges – a feature already mastered by earlier Roborock models.

Roborock S8 avoids obstacles using 3D light and infrared imaging technology. It detects obstacles on the floor, incl. shoes, and can move around them. According to the manufacturer, the smallest detectable object is 5×3 cm. This is a very convenient feature, especially in households with pets.

Roborock S8 can protect itself from falling down stairs

The robot is set up by the Roborock app, and before that you need to scan the code under the top cover and connect to the network. For example, you can choose between four levels of suction power, three levels of cleaning intensity and a preferred route – standard or quick cleaning.

You can also choose whether the robot should only vacuum or activate the mop as well, whether it should clean the entire level or just focus on individual rooms/areas. To do the latter, the Roborock S8 must first walk around the home to create a virtual map that you can save and edit in the app.

Numerous other options are available in the app, including language settings, remote control, firmware updates, and various customizations.

Roborock S8 works relatively quietly without annoying people around

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that does the job well and reliably at a decent price, the Roborock S8 is a great choice. Note that the dust and water tanks need to be emptied/filled regularly for the S8 to do its job well. The more expensive models of the S8 series, which support automatic trash emptying and other conveniences, have not yet gone on sale.

Enhancements like DuoRollers and object recognition are very useful. In addition, the robot also provides additional new features such as smart navigation and an app with many customization options. Last but not least, the compact docking station is considered a practical solution compared to other models on the market.

You can order the new robot vacuum cleaner here: Roborock S8 for €549 in the Geekbuying online store with free delivery from a Polish warehouse within a few working days.

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