Taras Topolya answered whether he would return to the front

After the start of a full-scale invasion, the leader of the Antitila group with his colleagues went to the Kharkov direction. There, the musicians performed the tasks of paramedics, saving the fighters.

Taras Poplar at the front / Photo - instagram.com

Ukrainian musician and leader of the Antitila group Taras Topolya went to the front after the start of a full-scale war. Together with his colleagues in the group, he served in the Kharkov direction as a paramedic, but six months later their unit was withdrawn.

Since then, Antitila have been fighting on the cultural and informational fronts: they perform abroad and raise money for the needs of Ukraine. Taras has now answered whether he plans to return to the war zone.

“I dream of being involved in the counter-offensive in Crimea. I want to have a children’s camp on the shore of Cape Fiolent or a place where children whose parents died defending Ukraine could come and have a rest. That’s what I will fight for. If I have to, in this In the context of returning and taking part in the de-occupation of Crimea, theoretically we can do it,” Topolya said in an interview with ZEFIR Studio.

The artist added that he and his colleagues could be returned to the front before the alleged counterattack on the Crimea begins.

“We were taken to the reserve by order, and by the same order we can be returned back. I have a military ID, I remain a soldier. We are ground forces, infantry,” the artist summed up.

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