The feast of the icon of the Mother of God “The guarantor of sinners”: what do they pray to the Mother of God

March 20 is the day of remembrance of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “The guarantor of sinners.”

The guarantor of sinners / UNIAN

“The guarantor of sinners” is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God, the healing power of which for a long time no one knew. What does its name mean, in what cases they turn to it for help, as well as a prayer to the Mother of God – in the UNIAN material.

Earlier we told how the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God helps and how to pray to her.

The guarantor of sinners – the history of the shrine

The history of the appearance of the icon “The guarantor of sinners” is still a mystery. It was first mentioned in the middle of the 19th century. Then the icon was in one of the monasteries, but not even in the temple, but in the chapel, where rarely anyone visited. The image was very dilapidated and no one prayed to him. But soon the parishioners of the temple in dreams began to come that the icon has miraculous power. The people told the priests about this, and they transferred the shrine to the temple. And the icon began to help those who turned to it.

The guarantor of sinners – why is the icon so called

On the shrine, the Mother of God is depicted with Jesus on her left hand. Also on the icon are four scrolls, and on one of them are the words – “Az the guarantor of sinners to my Son.” So the image got its name.

The word “Guarante” means “Guarante” – that is, the Mother of God is entrusted to the Son for all people and constantly prays for everyone who turns to Her. On the icon, the baby Jesus holds the right hand of the Mother, as if making it clear that he is listening to Her.

Icon of the guarantor of sinners – what helps

As already mentioned, for the first time, the “Guest of Sinners” became famous for its miraculous powers in the 19th century. A story is known when a woman turned to her with a prayer to heal her two-year-old son from seizures – the boy recovered. The icon is also famous for the fact that in 1847-1848, when the cholera epidemic was raging, it healed many patients.

The icon “The guarantor of sinners” helps:

  • get rid of infections and epidemics;
  • heal insomnia and loss of appetite;
  • get rid of grief, despair and despondency;
  • protect from evil eye and damage.

They also pray to the Mother of God for the forgiveness of sins.

The guarantor of sinners – a prayer to the Mother of God

My Blessing Queen, My Most Holy Hope, Guarantee of sinners! Behold, poor sinner, before Thee! Do not leave me, abandoned by everyone, do not forget me, forgotten by everyone, give me joy, to the ignorant of joy. Oh, my troubles and sorrows are heavy! Oh, my sins are immeasurable! Like the darkness of the night is my life. And there is not a single strong help in the sons of men. You are my only hope. You are my One Cover, Refuge and Affirmation. Boldly, I stretch out my weak hands to You and pray: have mercy on me, All-good, have mercy, have mercy on the redeemed Blood of Your Son, quench the sickness of my much-sighing soul, tame the rage of those who hate and offend me, restore my fading strength, renew, like eagles, my youth , do not let you weaken in doing the commandments of God. With heavenly fire, touch my troubled souls and fulfill my shameful faith, unfeigned love and well-known hopes. May I always sing and glorify Thee, the Blessed Intercessor of the world, our Protection and Guarantee of all of us sinners, and I bow down to Thy Son and Savior our Lord Jesus Christ, with His Beginningless Father and the Life-giving Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

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