Ukrainian intelligence spoke about the state of the Russian army

They noted the heavy losses of Russian troops.

The intelligence spoke about the morale of the invaders / photo

Covert mobilization continues in Russia, but the morale of the mobilized military is at a low level.

Andrey Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, spoke about this on the air of an information telethon. “If we talk about the situation in the army, the fact that covert mobilization in Russia continues and preparations are underway for further mobilization measures indicates that even the mobilization carried out is not enough, the army is not effective, is not properly provided, trained, and This is evidenced by huge losses on the battlefield,” he said.

He added that intelligence has a large number of audio interceptions of Russian invaders from the front line, which indicate a low morale. Yusov noted that only a part of them is made public.

“They see the work of their own” detachments, see the incompetence of their command and they see huge losses of people around them. There is definitely no ideological component or trust in the propaganda of Solovyov and Skabeeva, “said the representative of the GUR, adding that most of they would have tried to escape if it were not for the detachments.

Mobilization in Russia – latest news

Recall that in September 2022, Putin announced the mobilization of Russian military personnel in the reserve. Already in November, he announced that it was allegedly completed.

At the end of January of this year, the press secretary of the Russian president, Peskov, said that partial mobilization is in effect, since it covers not only military service, but also measures necessary to ensure the tasks of the military apparatus.

Russian human rights activist Pavel Chikov recently reported that at least 35 regions began to actively send subpoenas.

According to media reports, the Russian command plans to recruit another 400,000 contract soldiers into the army.

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