Clean off the dirt and not “kill” the technique: how to wash a baking sheet in the dishwasher

A dishwasher will easily save you from the laborious washing of a greasy baking sheet, the main thing is to figure out how to use it correctly.

How to wash baking sheets in a Bosch dishwasher and other brands / photo

The dishwasher is an indispensable appliance in the kitchen. Not only does it free you from hours of rubbing dishes at the sink, but it also takes care of all the hard work. For example, fatty baking sheets.

UNIAN will tell you how to properly wash a baking sheet in a dishwasher so as not to spoil it. And we have already written about what cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

What baking sheets can be washed in the dishwasher – the main nuances

The fear of “killing” expensive dishes and appliances rightly makes you think once again whether it is possible to wash a baking sheet in a dishwasher. The answer is yes – washing in the dishwasher is allowed and many other large items. For example, oven grates, metal mesh from the hood.

But there are several nuances. There must be enough space for them, a spray nozzle may be needed. It is also important what your baking sheet is made of – it is not recommended to wash products made of aluminum and cast iron in a typewriter.

If you are in doubt whether it is possible to wash an enamel or grill pan in the dishwasher, and do not want to risk it, examine the bottom of your dishes for the corresponding icon. The necessary information may also be on the websites of the manufacturer or seller of your kitchen utensils.

How to wash a baking sheet in the dishwasher – tips

The first step is to provide a place for baking sheets. To do this, you will need to remove the upper basket, if necessary – and the cutlery tray.

You need to lay out the dishes according to the following scheme:

  • baking sheets, grates, etc. – into the lower basket in a vertical position, leaning against the wall;
  • the rest of the dishes – between them.

Along with bulky items, cutlery can also be washed – if there is, where to load it. Additionally, it is better to include a pre-soak program, if available.

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Do not skimp on detergents and do not try to miraculously get rid of adhering fat and soot on a baking sheet by rinsing it in a quick wash mode. To make the baking sheet shine, you need to make an effort and show patience – even if you do not have to rub your hands.

How to properly wash a baking sheet in the dishwasher - tips / photo

How to wash baking sheets in a Bosch dishwasher – the right nozzle

On dishwashers of this manufacturer, special nozzles are provided for washing baking sheets. They are inserted into the holes on the back wall. To install the sprinkler head, the upper basket must be removed. Trays (or other large items) should be placed on the lower basket when washing. The manufacturer advises placing baking trays/oven grates/hood filters vertically and no more than two pieces at a time (one on each side).

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