N-able MDR: Managed endpoint detection and response

With N-able MDR, organizations can take their endpoint security to the next level (photo: N-able)

TOcyberthreats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and sophisticatedwhich requires from organizations to uptake a proactive approach to protecting their systems and data. To meet this challenge, the cybersecurity specialist N-able presented a solution for “Umanaged endpoint detection and response (MDR), which complements the existing offer of the company for “ABOUTendpoint detection and response (EDR) with dedicated managed security services.

Based on technology from SentinelOne, one of the leading providers of endpoint security solutions, N-able EDR offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities. The solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data from endpoints and identify potential threats in real time. Once detected, the threat can be isolated and remedied, helping to prevent security incidents.

But even the most advanced EDR solutions can benefit from human expertise and control. This is where the power of N-able MDR comes into play. With the help of a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and N-able experts, organizations can take their endpoint security to the next level.

N-able MDR is based on SentinelOne’s Vigilance Respond MDR solution, which provides a set of managed security services designed to help organizations detect, investigate and respond to threats. N-able MDR goes a step further by integrating these services with N-able EDR, providing a seamless end-to-end security solution.

With the N-able MDR solution, organizations can benefit from:

In summary, N-able MDR is a powerful addition to endpoint security solutions. By combining advanced EDR capabilities with managed security services, organizations can benefit from the best of both worlds – cutting-edge technology and human expertise. With N-able MDR, organizations can take a proactive approach to endpoint security that will help protect their systems and data from today’s ever-evolving cyber threats.

COMPUTER 2000 is the official distributor of N-able for Bulgaria and Romania


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