Named men according to the sign of the Zodiac, which can change in 2023

They are not particularly loyal.

Men are named according to the sign of the Zodiac, which can change in 2023 /

In the love horoscope for 2023, astrologers have detailed the signs of the zodiac, which are distinguished by adultery. We tell who before the end of the year can betray his soul mate.


Gemini is a very complex zodiac sign. It is rare that its representatives are honest and easy to communicate with. Most often, the Twins do not show their true face to anyone – for each person in the environment they have their own “mask”, which they put on at a convenient opportunity.

Experts, describing the habits and behavior of Gemini, note that they are prone to systematic lies and adultery. A trip to the “left” may occur as early as 2023, so women who are married to a representative of this zodiac sign should be very careful and not lose their vigilance.

Astrologers emphasize that this does not mean that all Gemini will cheat on their partners this year, but in the so-called “risk zone” those who have already been convicted of this before.


Fish are very “slippery” and often behave suspiciously. And they are also real masters in matters of persuasion, so they can lie and convince the interlocutor of untrue information without much difficulty.

Astrologers say that married Pisces may have a desire to have fun this year. They will not take responsibility and will not destroy their family, so they will hide their dishonest adventures.

The stars also say that this year Pisces may have a holiday romance, for which they will then be very ashamed in front of their soulmate.

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