Occupiers daily use more than 20,000 shells at the front – military APU

According to him, a lot of weapons and ammunition are needed to de-occupy Ukrainian territories.

The Russians put pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine with artillery / photo

Now the Russian occupiers use more than 20 thousand shells daily along the entire front line. In the summer this number exceeded 60 thousand.

This was announced by a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Voytko on the air of the Espresso TV channel. According to him, Ukraine needs a lot of ammunition to effectively destroy the enemy.

“A million artillery shells for Ukraine is very good, but we need more. We need more to effectively destroy the enemy. According to various estimates, the Russian invaders spend more than 20 thousand shells daily along the entire front line. In the summer they spent more than 60 thousand shells. Our the army shoots much less,” Voitko said.

The military added that in order to liberate all the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the defenders need more weapons and ammunition.

“We want not only to hold our positions, but also to liberate all the occupied territories of Ukraine. Therefore, for this we need more ammunition and weapons. Against the scale of Russia, we must oppose the same amount of ammunition. So I think that the United States and other Western countries We will continue to work in this direction,” he added.

Ammunition for Ukraine

According to the Financial Times, now the Armed Forces of Ukraine use 5,000 artillery rounds a day.

On March 20, at a meeting of EU defense ministers in Brussels, they agreed on the supply of a million artillery ammunition to Ukraine. The shells will be sent within 12 months. It is worth adding that Hungary, which takes a pro-Russian position, refused to participate in this project together with its EU partners.

The Financial Times reported that Europe is running out of explosives for shells supplied to Ukraine.

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