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The President of the Russian Federation will not dare to go to a country where there is at least a minimal risk of being arrested.

Putin was not ready for an arrest warrant / screenshot

The decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on a warrant for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin was perceived in the Kremlin as “the most unexpected step” by the West. The Russian authorities were not ready for such a development of events.

Meduza sources close to the administration of the Russian President told about this. It is noted that the warrant will prevent propagandists and PR people from promoting the image of Putin in 2023.

Thus, on the eve of the presidential elections, they wanted to show him as a “fighter against the West”, “defender of the countries of Latin America and Africa from colonial oppression” and “one of the main leaders of the multipolar world.” However, this required overseas travel, which is now significantly limited. According to Putin’s administration sources, the Kremlin does not fully understand how to “ensure the security” of the Russian leader in the new conditions.

“Even the CIS is no longer a safe space,” one of the sources explained.

As you know, among the countries that have ratified the Rome Statute of the ICC, there is, for example, Tajikistan. However, the Kremlin doubts that the countries that were previously part of the USSR can decide to arrest Putin, although “tenths, hundredths of a percent (the probability of this) is always there.” In this regard, the President of the Russian Federation will probably not go to a country where there is at least a minimal risk of being arrested.

According to the interlocutors, despite the war last year, Putin quite regularly made trips abroad. In 2022, he visited Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. All these trips were very important for internal Russian propaganda, because they signaled that “Russia still has more friends than ill-wishers” and the country remains “one of the pillars of the multipolar world.”

“Restrictions on foreign visits will work in the opposite direction. Prior to the warrant, the trips were combined with trips of foreign leaders to Moscow. Now it will not be possible to maintain the same frequency of meetings – you cannot constantly invite everyone to your place,” one of the sources added.

Order for Putin – what is known

On March 17, the ICC issued arrest warrants for Putin and Children’s Ombudsman Maria Lvovskaya-Belova. They are accused of forcibly deporting children from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

Now the Russian leader can be detained at the request of the tribunal in any of the 123 states of the world that have ratified the Rome Charter. The chief prosecutor of the ISS stressed that Putin will stand trial regardless of whether the Russian Federation recognizes this decision.

It is noted that the warrant for the arrest of the President of Russia is for life. It can only be withdrawn if Putin is brought to trial and the judges drop the case.

As UNIAN previously reported, after the warrant for Putin’s arrest, the Russian Federation began to assure that the kidnapped Ukrainian children would be returned.

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