Sagittarius – hysteria and anger, Libra – a chance for happiness: tarot card horoscope for March 21

Taurus will be swirled by a hurricane of romantic adventures.

Lions will have to help loved ones / photo

On Tuesday, March 21, Sagittarians risk breaking into a cry and throwing out emotions, and then regret it very much. But Libra will draw out a lucky ticket and be able to achieve success at work. What Tarot cards promise to other signs of the Zodiac – read in the horoscope below.


Aries can be fooled. You are too gullible, and therefore you are easily deceived. Don’t trust people you don’t know well.


Taurus will be swirled by a hurricane of romantic adventures. You will be in seventh heaven with happiness. However, do not forget that there are other goals in life besides love, take time for your work.


Tarot cards promise Gemini difficult tasks. You will have to look for the answer to a question that at first seemed unimportant to you, but now it is confusing. Ask a close friend for advice.


Cancers have to work hard. You can take on a lot of important tasks. Make every effort, a generous reward will not take long.

a lion

On March 21, Leos will have to help loved ones. They will not do without your help, and therefore do not refuse if you are asked for something. Good deeds will push you to new ideas.


On Tuesday, Virgos will have to make an important decision. However, you cannot do this until you understand what you want from this life. Maybe it’s time to rethink everything.


Libras are incredibly lucky. You will receive a lucky ticket, this will be a chance to fix everything. Libra knows that they have made many mistakes in the past, and now they can redeem themselves and finally become happy.


Tarot cards promise Scorpions a trip. You can go on a trip or visit friends who live in another city. Forget about important things and indulge in adventure.


Sagittarius is waiting for a day that will bring them grief and scandals. You will be angry, quarrel and you may fall into hysterics from feeling your own powerlessness. However, if Sagittarians pull themselves together, they will understand that not everything is so bad.


On March 21, Capricorns will rejoice a lot. You are waiting for pleasant gifts from fate. On this day, you will succeed, feel free to agree to all adventures.


Aquarians are at risk of losing something very important. It could be something tangible like a wallet or car keys. But you can also lose a friend or loved one.


Pisces should give up spontaneous spending. On this day, you should not buy something expensive, you risk making the wrong choice and regretting it a lot. Better go for a walk and refresh your thoughts.

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Recall that earlier astrologers said that only four signs of the Zodiac were born for unearthly happiness.

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