Ani Lorak took third place in the register of state traitors

She silently supports the criminal regime of the Kremlin.

Ani Lorak is silent about the war /

The disgraced singer Ani Lorak got into the register of state traitors because of her tacit support for the war in Ukraine. Together with her, there were other Ukrainians who went over to the side of Russia.

According to the movement “Chesno”, the leader among the search queries was a boxer Vasily Lomachenko. He repeatedly said that Russia and Ukraine should be friends, and he also published an appeal by the Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Longin, in which he accused our country of the unleashed war.

The player came in second Anatoly Tymoshchuk. He calls the full-scale Russian invasion “SVO” and does not see the difference between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples.

A singer Ani Lorak took third place due to the silent support of the dictator Vladimir Putin and the criminal regime of the Kremlin. She continues to live and work in the Russian Federation, despite the fact that she heard the sounds of explosions in Ukraine during a telephone conversation with her brother, who lives in our country.

Ex-head of the theater in the Kherson region Tatiana Kalinovskaya was in fourth place in the register of state traitors after collaborating with the occupiers after February 24, 2022. In addition, she distributes Russian propaganda.

And fifth place went to the musician Ilya Smetanin. He aimed Russian missiles at Volyn’s infrastructure facilities. Now he is in custody.

Recall that Lorak started talking about a better world, but she was quickly gagged.

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