Named 5 things that terribly age a woman

They give out your real age.

The sun damages the skin /

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to remain young and beautiful. However, there are several factors that give away your real age. Pay attention to them that visually remove at least 10 years.

Eye area

The area around the eyes ages first. Microcracks, dryness, bruises, and swelling may appear on it. That is why this area requires special and careful care. It is worth noting that pharmaceutical cosmetics will not help you keep your youth. The only option is professional cosmetics, but you have to fork out.

Dry hands

Over the years, the skin on the hands begins to crack due to dryness. Moreover, it can also indicate a number of health problems. Therefore, special attention must be paid to this. In addition, hands are the calling card of every woman. They must be well-groomed and attractive.

A tan

The sun’s rays negatively affect the skin. Moreover, the sun can cause allergies, irritation, rosacea and even acne. Did you know that a quick tan and a bronze skin tone visually adds ten years? In this regard, dermatologists recommend always using an SPF cream.

Bright makeup

The older the woman, the lighter and more delicate her makeup should be. If you are over 40, then bright shadows and lipsticks should still be abandoned. Opt for nude shades that will subtly accentuate your features and add some radiance to your skin.

gray hair

Gray hair is, perhaps, the first thing that gives out the real age of a woman. Now there are a lot of techniques on how to hide gray hair. If you can’t afford to visit beauty salons, you can always do it at home. By the way, earlier UNIAN told how to get rid of gray hair.

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