NMT 2023: test date, features for each subject and all innovations

In 2023, school graduates will enter universities based on the results of the National Multisubject Test.

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Ukraine will not host EIT 2023 due to martial law. Instead, school graduates will enter higher education institutions based on the results of the National Multisubject Test. The NMT application has already been approved by the Verkhovna Rada.

NMT was introduced in 2022 as an alternative to VNO during a full-scale war. The test was taken online. Unlike the UPE, the multitest contained questions on three subjects at once – the Ukrainian language, mathematics and the history of Ukraine. Other subjects were not tested. Each block contained 20 tasks, and a total of 120 minutes were given to complete the test.

In 2023, the format and conditions of the NMT will change. UNIAN told applicants and their parents everything they need to know about the multitest 2023.

NMT 2023 – main features and innovations

Graduates will take the national multitest in specially equipped computer rooms of educational institutions – temporary examination centers (TEC). Thermal power plants will be created in Ukraine and in some countries where there are the most migrants.

NMT 2023 will contain tasks in three subjects. Of them two compulsory subjects – Ukrainian language and mathematics, and third subject – at the choice of the studentKeywords: history of Ukraine, foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish), biology, physics, chemistry.

Total for passing the test with three blocks is allocated 180 minutes. Applicants themselves distribute this time between subjects.

Assignments with an open response form in NMT 2023 will not. But there will be assignments. with a short answerwhere instead of a gap you need to enter a number or a word.

Date NMT 2023 already known. There will be two sessions – main and additional.

Main session of the NMT will be held from 5 to 23 June. Additional – from 11 to 24 July. Register participants will be able to attend the main session from April 3 to May 3.

Entrance Campaign 2023 – NMT threshold scores for admission

Threshold score for admission to the contract in 2023 will be 10% correct answers in each of the three subjects (last year it was enough to give 1 correct answer in each subject).

Threshold score for admission to the budget will be different for different specialties. For most specialties, it will be enough to score 130 points, for the specialties “Law” and “International Relations” – 140 points, and for “Medicine” and “Dentistry” – 150 points.

An applicant can submit a maximum 20 applications for admissionof which the maximum 5 declared for the budget. The average grade of the certificate will not be taken into account upon admission, but the regional coefficient will be taken into account, which will be determined as the NMT date approaches.

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NMT in Ukrainian

The obligatory block on the Ukrainian language will contain 30 tasks. Of these, 10 tasks with one correct answer out of four, 15 – with one correct answer out of five, and 5 – to establish correspondence. Essay within the framework of the NMT, graduates will not write.

NMT in mathematics

Mathematics is the second compulsory subject of the multitest. This block will 22 tasks. Of these, there are 15 tests, 3 tasks for establishing correspondence, and 4 tasks where you need to enter the answer.

NMT in History

Unlike NMT 2022, in 2023 the history of Ukraine is optionaland not a required subject. This year, questions on history will cover the second half of the 16th – the beginning of the 21st century. In 2022, history assignments covered only the events of the last century.

Total history will be 30 tasks. Of these, 20 tests with one correct answer, 4 tasks for establishing correspondence, 3 for establishing a chronological sequence and 3 tasks with a choice of three correct answers out of seven proposed. The last two question formats are new for NMT, but have already been used in EPE.

NMT in other subjects

Block by foreign language will contain 32 tasks. Of these, 5 tests, 11 assignments to establish correspondence and 16 to fill in empty spaces in the text.

Po biology graduates will need to answer 30 tasks. Of these, 24 tests, 4 tasks for establishing correspondence and 2 tasks with the choice of three correct answers.

In the block by chemistry will 30 tasks. Of these, 22 test tasks, 2 tasks to establish compliance and 6 tasks with a short answer.

On NMT 2023 according to of physics will 20 tasks. Of these, 12 tests, 2 tasks to establish compliance and 6 tasks with a short answer.

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