The Armed Forces of Ukraine told what is happening in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian defenders were able to drive the Russians out of their positions.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to control the situation in Bakhmut / photo

As of the middle of the day on March 22, the situation in Bakhmut is difficult, but under control. The occupiers could not reach the Khromovoye village near the fortress city.

“These suicidal attacks of the Russians do not stop due to being thrown by manpower. The enemy concentrated his forces most in the north, northeast, in the east, where the Bakhmutka river is. He is unable to close the so-called operational encirclement. They could not reach Khromovoe, we recaptured them from there. Even some of the guys went into their first trenches,” Petr Voloshchenko, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told Espresso.

According to him, after that, the enemy again transferred their forces to the southeast. Voloshchenko added that the most fierce phase of the assault, wave after wave, has been going on for weeks. Despite this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to cope with the impulse of the invaders and destroyed a significant force of their assault detachments – both paratroopers and Wagnerites.

“There is a claw from below, it has leveled along Korsunskaya Street. But they risk being surrounded there. The first blow to this claw is already looming. The Russians had some success there, they entered from the southeast tonight. but our guys launched a counterattack. We knocked them out and knocked them out even deeper, into the fields. They are again in the operational space for our aviation, for our “birds” that correct and direct fire, “the military man shared.

The situation in Bakhmut

According to British intelligence, there is still a threat of encirclement of the fortified city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region from the north and south. However, thanks to the counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the pressure on the city is easing.

Former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Igor Romanenko, predicted a “clarification” of the situation around Bakhmut in “a week or two.”

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