The expert spoke about the huge shortage of equipment among the occupiers

Alexander Kovalenko assures that Russia does not have the ability to complete units at 100%

The Russian invaders are critically lacking in equipment / photo Mikhail Fedorov

Military expert Alexander Kovalenko said that the units of the Russian occupation forces have a shortage of equipment according to the standard equipment.

“For a detailed consideration of the configuration of the ROV units, I will use the concept of a battalion-tactical group as the main combined-arms mobile formation. It is much easier to operate a staff within the BTGr to reflect the considered problem of the ROV,” he noted.

According to him, the group of troops of the ROV “Center” is quantitatively comparable to 100 armored personnel carriers. This grouping includes:

  • Tanks – 370, instead of regular 1,100.
  • BBM -1000, instead of regular 3300.
  • Barrel artillery – 500, instead of 1,200.
  • MLRS – 200, instead of regular 1,200.

The grouping of the ROV “SOUTH” is a total comparable mass with 150 BTGr. Equipment:

  • Tanks – 300, instead of regular 1,650.
  • BBM – 900, instead of 4 950.
  • Barrel artillery – 750, instead of 1,800.
  • MLRS – 250, instead of 1,800.

The “Vostok” DOM ​​grouping is quantitatively comparable to 140 BTGr. Equipment:

  • Tanks – 430 instead of 1540.
  • BBM – 1,200 instead of 4,620.
  • Barrel artillery – 800, instead of 1,680.
  • MLRS – 230, instead of 1 680.

The “Dnepr” ROV grouping is quantitatively comparable to 100 BTGr. Equipment:

  • Tanks – 430, instead of regular 1,100.
  • BBM – 1,200, instead of regular 3,300.
  • Barrel artillery – 800, instead of 1,200.
  • MLRS – 230, instead of regular 1,200.

“Practically every ROV grouping does not have a regular staffing of its units, which critically affects their ability to fully carry out combat missions. But, it is noteworthy that Russia does not have the ability to staff them 100%,” Kovalenko added.

Losses of Russian equipment in Ukraine – details

Over the past day, 920 Russian occupiers in Ukraine have been destroyed. The total combat losses of the enemy since February 24, 2022 were approximately 167,490 invaders. Armed Forces of Ukraine Ukrainian soldiers destroyed 3557 tanks, 6887 armored fighting vehicles, 2589 artillery systems and 509 MLRS.

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