An investor from Germany predicts a halt in the construction of “green” energy in Ukraine without extending the technical conditions

European investors are still interested in

Ukraine will not build new wind energy projects in the coming years if the Parliament does not adopt amendments to the legislation providing for the extension of the technical conditions for the connection of power plants and the validity of pre-PPA agreements (obtaining a feed-in tariff for RES enterprises).

This is reported by the publication ExPro with reference to the words of Alexander Podprugin, regional manager of the German company Notus Energy in Ukraine.

“This is one of those changes that should be adopted in the near future. And there is support for this from the Energy Community and from stakeholders in Ukraine. Without extending the technical conditions for the completion of the wind farm, we will not see the construction of new projects that our energy needs in the coming years. system and are among the top priorities in the “green” sphere,” Podprugin said.

According to him, investors in renewable energy hope that the relevant bill will be adopted in the near future.

At the same time, he stressed that the support of Ukraine from the Energy Community allows to better solve the problems that create barriers to the development of green energy.

“Such meetings are needed, given that today Ukraine is very far behind European countries in the development of renewable generation. We should adopt the practices and developments that are in Europe. This is especially important in wartime and during the recovery period,” Podprugin added.

Also, the regional manager notes that European investors are still interested in “green” projects in Ukraine, but for their implementation certain steps must be taken by the state authorities.

Earlier it was reported that in mid-March the Secretariat of the Energy Community organized a meeting in Kyiv to find ways to solve the problems of green energy in Ukraine, among which the main problem is the existing debt to the industry in the amount of UAH 17.8 billion.

Recall that Vladimir Zelensky said that thanks to the “green” generation, Ukraine will build a new and decentralized energy system, which will not be afraid of missile attacks.

At the same time, the level of underpayment to Ukrainian green energy enterprises for 2022 is about 50%.

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