Church holiday March 23, 2023: who is revered, what can and cannot be done

An Orthodox holiday today is the day of remembrance of the martyrs Kodrat, Cyprian, Dionysius, Anekt, Paul and Kriskent, as well as the martyr Basilissa of Corinth.

Church holiday March 23 /

March 23 in the Orthodox calendar is dedicated to the veneration of the martyr Basilissa of Corinth, as well as the martyrs Kodrat, Cyprian, Dionysius, Anekt, Paul and Kriskent.

Church holiday March 23 – Martyrs Kodrat, Cyprian, Dionysius, Anekt, Paul and Kriskent

Kodrat was born in the III century, during the persecution of Christians. He was almost immediately left without a mother, but survived – according to legend, a cloud descended to him and fed him with sweet dew. Qodrat grew up in the desert, but later met Christians and accepted the faith. He learned literacy and the art of medicine, but often spent time in the desert with his friends and followers Cyprian, Dionysius, Anectus, Paul, Criskent and others.

When the commander Jason arrived in Corinth, then, on the orders of the persecutor of Christians Decius, Codrates and his friends were seized and thrown into prison. They were forced to renounce the Christian faith, but they courageously endured all the tortures. Not having achieved renunciation, Jason ordered that the martyrs be thrown to be torn to pieces by wild beasts, but they did not touch them. Then the saints were tied to chariots and dragged around the city, and then they were sentenced to death. Other disciples of Saint Codrat suffered for Christ, and many holy women voluntarily followed the men to torment.

Church holiday March 23 – the day of memory of the martyr Basilissa of Corinth

Saint Basilissa lived in the city of Corinth and suffered for her faith in the 3rd century on the orders of the pagan ruler Decius. She and other followers of Kodrat were thrown to be torn to pieces by animals that did not touch them, and then, together with Kodrat and others, they tied them by the legs to a chariot and drove around the city, and the locals threw stones at them. The saint was sentenced to death, Vasilissa prayed before laying her head on the chopping block, and accepted a martyr’s death.

Signs for March 23

Signs for March 23 / photo Mabel Amber, who will one day / Pixabay

The folk holiday on March 23, 2023 is called Vasilisa of Spring Waters Pointer, and according to the signs they judged the future weather:

  • if the cranes have arrived, the spring will be warm;
  • the starlings have returned – the snow will soon come down;
  • if there is a cold wind on this day, it will be cold for a long time;
  • clouds run across the sky – it will be warm and raining.

It was believed that the first spring thunderstorms begin from this day.

What can you do on March 23

Saint Basilissa was asked not to let the water flood the house and the cellar. On this day, it was customary to bake homemade cakes and treat everyone. March 23 was also considered a good day for cleaning. Lamps or candles were lit in houses, fumigated with myrrh and sprinkled with holy water on the corners.

What not to do today

On March 23, it was forbidden to arrange magnificent feasts and overeat. On this day, girls were not advised to wear mother’s hats or scarves – they can transmit health problems. It was impossible to change the bed – you will have nightmares.

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