Dozens of villages in de-occupied Kherson region almost completely destroyed – Zelensky

In some places, more than 90% of the buildings in the villages are broken.

Zelensky revealed details about the destruction in the Kherson region / UNIAN photo, Viktor Kovalchuk

President Volodymyr Zelensky, who visited the Kherson region on March 23, said that more than 50 villages in the liberated territory of the Kherson region were almost completely destroyed by Russian invaders.

“I returned from the Kherson region – my day was devoted primarily to this area of ​​ours. The security situation: our responses to enemy shelling of the Kherson region, counter-battery combat and everything else that our soldiers do, so that the occupier knows that we will not forgive terror and will not forget. Today, the Russian army again hit the Kherson region, hit Berislav – the local administration, the houses, the museum… Even the historical museum in Berislav for some reason is a threat to Russia… An absolutely mindless state, a purely terrorist state. Which we will neutralize,” the head of state said in an evening video message.

He noted that in the liberated territory of the Kherson region, more than 50 villages were almost completely destroyed by the occupier, and in some places more than 90% of the buildings in the villages were broken.

“But even in such villages, people are returning, and this is proof that life still wins. Today I was in one of the largest such villages – Posad-Pokrovsky. Once one of the largest, before the Russian invasion. And we will do our best to make this village was again among the largest – we will do everything to restore our territories,” Zelensky said.

He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who helps to restore the normality of life after the Russian evil.

“To everyone who continues to work and give work even in such difficult areas, to everyone who helps our soldiers. I especially want to thank each and every one who is involved in mine clearance. It’s nice to see when the fields of Kherson region cleared of Russian mines and shells are processed again live again. Of course, now there are still few such lands, and there is still enough work for our sappers and pyrotechnicians … But I am sure that we will clear our land of all the deadly manifestations of Russia. All of Ukraine will live,” the president said.

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Shelling of the Kherson region

During the day, March 21, the Russian occupation troops carried out 47 attacks on the Kherson region. The invaders fired 248 heavy artillery shells. Kherson was hit 8 times.

During the day on March 22, Russian troops fired 319 shells from heavy artillery and Grads at the settlements of the region. As a result of enemy attacks, there are victims, one person died.

On the night of March 23, the Russians hit the Kherson Regional Cardiology Center. As a result of the shelling, a huge hole was formed in the wall of the building.

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