Not life, but a curse: these zodiac signs will be on the brink in the coming days

Weekends will bring them a lot of suffering.

Gemini, according to astrologers, will face a series of failures / photo

Astrologers said that in the coming days, some signs of the Zodiac will be on the brink. Difficult tests await them. To whom life does not seem like honey – read below.


Gemini, according to astrologers, will face a series of setbacks. They will be haunted by unpleasant situations and scandals. Representatives of this zodiac sign should be wary of people who will try to ingratiate themselves with them.

On the weekends, the Gemini may realize that they are surrounded by quite a few enemies. Refrain from loud parties and noisy companies. Better spend time with your soulmate, your loved one will help you get through a difficult period.

a lion

The lions will be on the edge of the abyss. They can lose a lot of money due to their carelessness. Astrologers believe that Leos should not plan something big on the weekend. The stars advise the representatives of this sign to “lay low” and not make important decisions.

However, the Lions will be able to change the situation. To avoid trouble, they should think about good deeds. Luck will turn to you again if you learn to help others.


Aquarians will be very upset. It will seem to them that life has turned from a fairy tale into a real curse. Astrologers believe that a black streak may come for a reason. Bad luck will be a punishment for Aquarians who were too careless about their lives.

According to astrologers, Aquarius did not think about the future and lived one day. This could affect both behavior at work and relationships with close friends. Stars advise Aquarius to correct mistakes.

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