Russia has chosen new targets for missiles – expert (video)

But the intimidation of civilians by missile strikes is unlikely to stop, he says.

The Russian Federation can change the targets of missile strikes / photo

Russia will change the tactics of missile strikes, and this is already becoming noticeable. This was stated by the director of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko on the air of 1 + 1.

According to him, unfortunately, the terror component of the Russian Federation against the civilian population of Ukraine will not disappear anywhere. It is useless to count on Russia to stop shelling civilian targets until the invaders’ launchers and their missile potential are destroyed.

As for the front line, the occupiers are trying to identify military installations there and strike at them. The Russians do not always succeed, they often attack residential buildings. In addition, critical infrastructure is likely to be hit less frequently, as predicted by military intelligence.

Musienko stressed that now Russia will target logistics facilities.

Intelligence about the new targets of Russian strikes

The Russian command has revised the list of priority targets for its drone strikes and rocket attacks on Ukraine. According to Ukrainian intelligence, energy facilities remain on the list, but they are no longer the main target.

Thus, the GUR recalled that the occupiers hit the bases of fuel and lubricants in Novomoskovsk, Zhitomir, and there were still hits in the Yavoriv district. Therefore, the main goals are the logistics system of our troops and the concentration of our equipment.

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