The Russians attacked the Odessa region with missiles: air defense shot them down

The invaders tried to attack the region with Su-35 fighters from the direction of the Black Sea.

Over the Odessa region, two aircraft missiles of the invaders X-59 were shot down / photo by Rosoboronexport

The Ukrainian air defense destroyed two X-59 air missiles, with which the Russian invaders attacked the Odessa region. This is reported by the operational command “Pivden”.

“At about 21:30, the enemy tried to attack the Odessa region with Russian Su-35 fighters from the direction of the Black Sea. Both Kh-59 air-to-surface guided missiles were shot down with 100 percent effectiveness by the forces and means of air defense,” the report says.

Russian missile attacks – details

The Russian command has revised the list of priority targets for its drone strikes and rocket attacks on Ukraine.

Russia will change the tactics of missile strikes, and this is already becoming noticeable. This was stated by the director of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko.

In the Black Sea, the enemy increased the number of launch vehicles to four. Now, among the ship grouping of 15 units, there are two surface and two underwater rocket carriers, the total salvo of which can reach 24 “Caliber”.

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